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As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’re always wearing many hats– including that of marketer. But it can be hard to focus on the actual core of your business when you’re spending time and energy worrying about marketing trends or testing out SEO strategies.

That’s where we come in.

We’re here to take the burden of advertising your business off your shoulders. With our help, you can focus on doing what you do best, and watch your business grow to new heights!

The Sky's the Limit

Your Business is Unique-- Your Marketing should be, too!

We know small business– but more than that, we’ll work with you to know YOUR business.

We’re not one-size-fits-all, because you’re not. 

Drop us a line and let’s discuss a custom marketing plan tailored to fit YOUR needs!

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Social Media

If there's an app your clients are using, we'll help you meet them there. From a single ad campaign, to full social media account management, we've got you covered!

Web Design​

Your website is a critical part of your business's first impression. Whether you need a simple landing page or a full-scale site with customer portals, we can help!

Graphic Design​​

When you need custom graphics creation for your ads, website, print materials, or more, we can deliver!

Services Coming Soon

Google Ads Management

Google offers many ways to advertise your business-- including search, display, shopping and more.


When your clients search online, make sure you're showing up at the top of the list.

Content Marketing​

We offer content writing and editing services for ad copy, blog posts, and more.

Kat Williams

Marketing Ninja

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Hi, I'm the Founder of
Marketer In your Pocket!

As a former small business owner-turned-entrepreneur, I know first hand how hard it to juggle everything you have on your plate!

That’s why we’re here to help– to lighten your load so you can do less of what stresses you, and MORE of what you love!

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