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The "Who" and "Why" of Marketer In Your Pocket

Hi, I'm Kat!

As a small business owner, I struggled with the overwhelm of everything I had to stay on top of to keep my business running and growing. Just trying to keep up with all of the different changes to Google and Facebook (whoops, “Meta”) ads was nearly a full-time job! Add in designing and creating the actual marketing material, and I was burning the midnight oil day after day, just on the marketing side of the business…

Turns out, I realized that the marketing & graphic design part was actually my passion! 

That’s certainly not the case for all small business owners and entrepreneurs, though. 

That’s why I decided to pursue full certifications in digital marketing and SEO strategy, and launch “Marketer In Your Pocket”– to take the stress of marketing off of other small business owners, so that they can focus your energy and time on the parts that they LOVE and do best!

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Are the Marketer In Your Pocket

We offer tailor-made marketing packages specifically for YOUR business’s marketing needs. Whether you’re looking for a single ad campaign, a simple landing page, or a full-scale marketing strategy, we’ve got you covered!

We Keep It Simple

With our streamlined onboarding process and  customer portal, we make it easy to stay on top of everything we do for you.

Take It Step-By-Step

Not quite ready to jump into a full-scale marketing campaign yet? We’re happy to break down our service packages to give you exactly what you need as you need it.

We Love To Learn

Our team of experts is adding new certifications regularly– which means your business always stays on the cutting edge of marketing trends!

Passionate About Perfection

Let us keep your business’s digital “face” clean and error-free. Unlimited copyediting and proofreading is included with all packages! 

Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together!


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